For many of us women, WHAT clothes to buy isn't the problem. It's WHERE to buy them! We're past the days of Forever 21, but not quite ready to venture into the world of Talbots and Chicos. There's always boutiques, but they're SO expensive! Who wants to pay $65 for a t-shirt? Nobody. That's who. 

Don't worry girl, we've got your back. Online shopping is the solution! Now I know it's easy to get overwhelmed when faced with thousands of online retailers, but this guide will help make your choice a lot easier. 

1. Check the return policy. If there isn't one, GET OUT NOW! That means the clothing quality probably isn't up to par, and they will be no help when you open your package and realize you've made a huge mistake. You never want to be stuck with items you don't like and will never wear. Look for a site that offers some kind of refund. Store credit, cash back, or gift cards are all safe bets. 

2. Beware of hidden shipping fees! A lot of times you'll think you're getting a good deal when browsing around an online store, but when you make it to the check out page you're slapped with SUPER high shipping costs. I always stick to websites with FREE shipping-and no minimum. That way I know exactly how much I'm spending upfront, with no surprises! 

3. Look for a real person. I find that if you can connect the store to an actual person, with actual contact information, you're good. Big companies with automated responses are not only impersonal, but they aren't very helpful when you have questions about fit, shipping times, etc. When there is a face to the store, that face is often ready to help with any issues, which makes online shopping a LOT easier to trust. 

Ok, you're all set! No need to put on pants and venture to the mall, and no more falling into online store traps. Just follow these tips and you'll be looking fabulous in your new clothes in no time. 

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